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Taste our famous Chicken Tatsuta!


Image by Alexander Grey

Delicious Chicken Katsu:

Crispy outside 

and  soft inside  

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Otsumami Japan

Incredible Food You Won’t Forget

 Otsumami Japan brings an Authentic Japanese taste

that will delight and inspire the Waterloo area.

We focus on quality and flavour and cook health-conscious meals for your lunch served whilst still hot so that you can enjoy these as part of your daily schedule.

We bring our expertise to the new page of your book, giving you an experience of top-quality Japanese homemade meals, without all the effort of making it yourself!

Contact us to see what we’ve got to offer.

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Try out Japanese style fried-chicken Tatsuta.

Our Tatsuta comes with Japanese mayonnaise and chilli peppers in a cup.

ChickenTatsuta is so popular in Japan, that we eat it day and night, at home, in restaurant and in Izakaya(s).



 Chicken Tatsuta

 Otsumami Japan is at St Johns Market, Waterloo. Buy our food at the site or order with Deliveroo page (check the distance)  

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for Every Mood

Chicken Tatsuta

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New Japanese Style fried-chicken


at market

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New Market
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How about Otsumami Japan's food?

Customer Review

Toby Hopkinson

katsu curry best.jpg

 The food is delicious and the guy who runs it is lovely. My go to food stand.

Otsumami Japan

St Johns church yard,
73 Waterloo Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8TY, UK

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

 10:30  - 15:30

Sat, Sun: Closed

2 min walk from Waterloo Station


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